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Update your shower with high-quality framed or frameless glass shower doors from Shattered Glass. These doors perfectly complement any theme or style of décor you may have in your bathroom. We can even use patterned glass upon request.

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Framed and frameless glass doors don't just look different, they're also constructed differently. The fabricator of frameless doors needs a greater attention to detail and craftsmanship than fabricators of framed units. Frameless also has more of a luxury look and feel because of the tight fittings. Framed doors, on the other hand, can use thinner plates of glass because the aluminum frame reinforces it.


Frameless showers must have stronger building blocks than framed, and can be made using architectural-quality glass. They are also easier to clean, without the frame getting in the way. If you're not sure which type of shower door will work in your bathroom, talk to our experts. They'll be happy to help you decide.

Should I get framed or frameless glass shower doors?